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Sarah Robbins


Here you go @thefacelesskid!

Guess I should do a close up… @katcarberrie

One of my favorite words too @katcarberrie!

Here you go @nlynn42! Thanks for the word! PS I still really want to do Walkers and Winteriscoming.

One for the married couple! @cewhiting @komickiller

I feel like this was the perfect word for you, Siobhan!

Thanks for the word Adam! @woodrow221

This one’s for you @equimby!

Thanks @sjwwwinston! More to come.

Friends! I’m doing a hand-lettering project on people’s favorite words, and I need some material to work with! If you have a favorite word or words, please share it with me and I’ll love you forever :)

Rainy days = sketching days!

I can’t lift my arm up any more, but it was worth it!

All done with a new set of signs for Pleasant Pops!

Matte and glossy enamels on THE SAME SIGN?!? Watch out, things are getting crazy over here.

Coming your way soon @pleasantpops!